Monday, 6 April 2009

Topshop hits the Big Apple

Two of my favourite places in the world, NYC and Topshop have now been introduced to each other with the new store opening in SoHo on Thursday which included true Brit style icon and supermodel Kate Moss. When I was there, New Yorkers couldn't get enough of the 'London Look', the style that still has that Punk edge, where innovative ideas and carelessness add to it's attraction to it's American counterparts.

So New York now have Topshop. And where the four-storey shop has 200 staff, 32 changing rooms and a DJ booth suspended from the ceiling, Topshop's billionaire owner, Sir Phillip Green has indicated that he anticipates up to 15 US stores, including in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Boston.

Despite the recession, I think the US is going to welcome Topshop with open arms and it may well be one of the few British retailers to be a success! Rock on!

Kisses, ZZ xx

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