Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

Adding to the growing list of designers signing up to do a capsule collection for H&M is Matthew Williamson who is set to launch his new collection to 200 of the chain's stores worldwide, on April 23rd.

The collection will feature sharp tailoring - like the chic bright blue tapered leg suit - as well as dresses, tops and he has focused on including 'iconic pieces from his archives' and reworking them for H&M to include 'defining aspects' of his signiture style, including colour and his iconic use of peacock motif which he also used a base for the colour palette with rich hues of blues, chartreuse and emerald.

He has also designed a menswear collection, with no details released as yet.

Be interested to see it in store as previous collections have been disappointing, expecially in terms of quality, granted it's H&M but that's the best thing about H&M, if you've got the eye, you can't tell it's H&M whereas the previous capsule collections, you definately could.

Kisses, ZZ xx

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