Tuesday, 2 June 2009

'Unseen' - Guy Bourdin @ The Wapping Project

Having been a fan of Guy Bourdin for a while now I was super excited to come across a new exhibition of some of the late Parisien's work at the Wapping Project in London, which I checked out yesterday. It was one of the best exhibitions I've been to.

Faux grass, bare brick walls and lights off aside from that shining out behind each of the 32 pieces' frames set the scene for a mixture of fashion editorials, adverts and private commissions to be displayed larger than they have been before as well as being made from the original transparencies by legendary New York printer Pascal Dangin - altogether creating even more striking images. Famous for the contraversial content of his pieces, as much as the vibrant colour and unique composition, the most impressive part is that all of them were created well before the age of digital photography.


Unseen Guy Bourdin is at the Wapping Project 9 May - 4 July 2009


Kisses ZZ xx

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