Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Our Prague Romance...

Prague Castle

Petrin Hill and Petrin Tower

Brunch at Cukrkavalimonada

Bakehouse Praha - Yummy baked goods and coffee


Paul Cerny's 'Piss' Sculpture

I have been sorely neglecting (most of) my duties in recent weeks - the usual excuses i'm afraid - more time is needed!

So to make up for it I'll let you know what I have been up to, beginning with a little weekend break to Prague as a surprise gift to a friend which ended up being just the most romantic and perfect weekends i've ever had.

It couldn't really help being romantic in Prague with all it's architecture and cute cafes and little cosy restaurants. Helped that the sun shone the whole time too as well as that the time of year meant it wasn't too packed with the usual tourists and rowdy stag parties. Perfect.

Here are some photos of our little getaway...

Kisses, ZZ xx

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