Monday, 26 January 2009

Coastal Walks and Cornish Cream Tea

Slightly off high fashion and high style for a second, I found out that there is nothing like a walk along the coast to blow those January cobwebs away, as me and my companion found out during the week when we took a trip down to Devon. Not only did it make me think of Summer days, Fun Fairs and ice-cream (Yum!) but it also reminded me it's the simple pleasures in life we need to appreciate even more when the weather's bad/you have a bad day or are waiting for the next pay packet.

On the same day, (as it was Devon and it'd be rude not to), we found a cute cafe in an old restored train carriage where we had Cream Tea... Mmmm.... Nothing quite like it on a chilly, proper British day by the Coast.

It's definitely the simple things...

Let me know your thoughts!

Kisses, ZZ xx

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