Monday, 1 December 2008

The Sunday Times: Vintage Shopping Online!

Just when we thought ZsuZsi Boutique had launched at the perfect time - an article in The Sunday Times Style magazine has confirmed we were right on the money!

"Here’s an idea. Why don’t they put vintage on the Internet?
Well, now they have, and, lo and behold, our latest addiction has suddenly
become trawling the web for one-off finds".

Though they haven't discovered our little haven of vintage joy quite yet, but in
the mean time they offered some worthy competitors for you to have a peek at for
all your vintage shopping needs and budgets!

" Basically, Hoxton online. A little pricey, but guaranteed good condition, with a wide selection that’s well edited. Search by decade — clever — for some real stunners. Prices range from the reasonable to the ridiculous, and you’ll also find some cool new designers on sale here. Specialising in 1960s and 1970s rock’n’roll boutique finds. So that’s yer Biba, yer Ossie Clarke and yer Bill Gibb sorted. Photographed on real people, too".
Kisses, ZZ xx

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